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Monday, June 2, 2008

How To Build A Profitable Website For Selling - Part II

Author: Ishak Iman

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3. Generate Backlinks And Traffic To The Site

After you have a new website, the next step is generating traffic to the website. Simple formula of the internet marketing world is about no traffic = no sales = no profit. So you need to attract targeted visitors to the website. Besides the traffic, you also need to get backlinks from other websites in order to make the website become more popular in search engines. This way can boosts your website to the ranking top of search engines for a keyword that you target. There are some good ways to get traffic and backlinks:

- Article submission

You write some good articles that related to your website and also product that you are promoting with the website. By the articles, you attract readers who are interested in that topic to read your articles. If they love your articles, they will looking for links in the resource box and discover more information about your website. To get more exposure, you may submit the same articles to hundreds of different article directories. By doing it, you not only attract the visitors to your website, but you also build more backlinks for search engine optimization purposes.

- Forum signature links

Forums are good way to marketing products or services. You can create posts that contain forum signature links to many forums. Forum signature links are the box of information that contains linking to external urls and is automatically inserted at the bottom of each postings on a forum. It is useful to marketers as they can advertise their websites to the forum signature box. The forum signature helps you to attract visitors and generate backlinks to your site.

- Web directories

A web directory is a directory on the internet. But it not a search engine, and does not display lists of pages based on keywords, instead it lists websites by categories. Major web directories allow website owners to submit their website for inclusion. By the inclusion, you can get backlinks to your website for search engine optimization purposes. To get best exposure, you need to submit your website to thousands of web directories.

Besides article submission, forum signature and web directories, you can obtain more backlinks and also generate more visitors by other ways such as press release, social bookmarking, exchange links and more. By doing this step, your website will become popular in major search engines, have high traffic and become as the money generator in next 6 - 12 months.

4. Sell A Website

So you have created a great website, it becomes as popular website in search engines, generates traffic and makes money monthly. And now it is time to sell your website. There are marketplaces and forums dedicated to meeting sellers and buyers for websites. These emerged as profitable online businesses that is no different to physical property and real businesses. You can sell a website for 10 - 20 times it is profit in a month. For example, your profit of your website monthly are $2,000 and you have this asset worth $20,000 to $40,000. There are good places for the selling website:, and

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