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Monday, June 2, 2008

Quick Cash Loans With 24 Hours Approval

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Asking your friend for a loan is the surest way to make him disappear. All you need to do is say that you need a loan and your friend will be smoke before you know it. Watching them disappear could actually become a kind of pastime for you if you have trouble with your finances.

There are times when a small amount of cash can actually go a long way to making your life easier and more satisfying. You might have to make a bill payment or you might have to make some other small payment to your grocer for essential articles that you have bought or it could be as simple as cash for petrol. Whatever it is it needs to be paid out in cash and you have to be smart enough to know what to do.
Getting a quick cash loan in today’s day and age couldn’t get any easier. All you need is a little bit of patience and some intelligence and your cash needs will be taken care of. There are innumerable sites and institutions who are just waiting to give you cash to take care of your cash needs.

A quick cash loan is usually of an unsecured nature but there are quick cash loans that are also secured in nature and that can be had for a sum that is as small as £50 and as large as £50,000. These two figures encompass a wide range of loan figures and the best part is that getting a quick cash loan is as easy as saying god bless.

Quick Cash Loans should be actually quick and they should be disbursed with minimum amount of hassles and with the least amount of paperwork. Finding a place that would offer you all these associated facilities has never been easier because I am going to tell you about a place that offers you safety and security under one webpage.

On the other hand getting an instant cash loan is easier. All you have to do is Apply Online and fill up their form. In a few hours they will get in touch with you and before you can say jiminy cricket your loan amount will be in your hands. It is great and it is convenient.

The Worst Identity Theft Scams Of The Year

Author: Janna Weiss Author Ranking Green | Posted: 02-06-2008 | Comments: 0 | Views: 1 | Rating: (300) Article Ranking Blue (?) Got a Question? Ask.

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Identity theft. Those two words can strike fear in the hearts of card holders everywhere. It seems like you can't trust anyone these days. Even friends and co-workers can access your information and open a line of credit in your name. Worse, businesses that drop the ball on their security measures have been breached by hackers to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Victims of identity theft usually do no wrong, but suffer the consequences anyway.

Here are three of the highest-profile identity theft schemes from the past year.

The Jetsetters

Jocelyn Kirsch and Edward Anderton were young, nice-looking, and had bright futures ahead of them. But they chose to use their powers for evil when they started taking the identities of friends and neighbors to pay for trips to the Eiffel Tower and other exotic locales. These college-aged fraudsters used their ill-gotten funds to finance a $3,000 a month luxury apartment and other high-dollar purchases. They were arrested in December when they went to retrieve a parcel of expensive lingerie that had been ordered in a neighbor's name. Now the two are headed to court to enter guilty pleas. The moral of this story? If you steal identities, you will get caught. If you steal identities from people you see every day, you will get caught fast.

The Hannaford Breach

This incident was a costly lesson in security measures, and why stores should be ever-vigilant. Hackers installed Trojan software and packet sniffers on computers at 300 of Hannaford's locations. Thousand of shoppers were potentially affected by this breach. Hannaford issued a warning to customers who used credit or debit cards in their stores between December of 2007 and March of 2008. Card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, and the total damage from the incident hasn't yet been totaled. What can we learn from Hannaford? Keep your security up to date. If you have to cut costs somewhere, don't sacrifice your customers' safety to do so.

No Rest in the Southwest

Arizona had the dubious distinction of being the very worst place in America for identity theft. The rampant fraud affected almost 300,000 residents last year. The financial damages totaled $147 million. Why did this happen? An investigation has been opened to answer that question. Called 'Identity Theft 911', this study wants to know why 25% of Arizona residents have fallen prey to identity theft in the past six years. Some possible reasons include lack of government action, the increasing market for methamphetamines, and illegal or fraudulent employment.

In many cases, identity theft victims haven't done anything wrong, except place their trust in people who abuse or neglect it. Do your part to protect your identity by enrolling in a credit monitoring service. Use online banking to keep real-time tabs on purchases made with your accounts. If you notice anything odd, contact your credit card company immediately. Many of them have measures in place to keep identity theft damage to a minimum.

How To Build A Profitable Website For Selling - Part II

Author: Ishak Iman

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3. Generate Backlinks And Traffic To The Site

After you have a new website, the next step is generating traffic to the website. Simple formula of the internet marketing world is about no traffic = no sales = no profit. So you need to attract targeted visitors to the website. Besides the traffic, you also need to get backlinks from other websites in order to make the website become more popular in search engines. This way can boosts your website to the ranking top of search engines for a keyword that you target. There are some good ways to get traffic and backlinks:

- Article submission

You write some good articles that related to your website and also product that you are promoting with the website. By the articles, you attract readers who are interested in that topic to read your articles. If they love your articles, they will looking for links in the resource box and discover more information about your website. To get more exposure, you may submit the same articles to hundreds of different article directories. By doing it, you not only attract the visitors to your website, but you also build more backlinks for search engine optimization purposes.

- Forum signature links

Forums are good way to marketing products or services. You can create posts that contain forum signature links to many forums. Forum signature links are the box of information that contains linking to external urls and is automatically inserted at the bottom of each postings on a forum. It is useful to marketers as they can advertise their websites to the forum signature box. The forum signature helps you to attract visitors and generate backlinks to your site.

- Web directories

A web directory is a directory on the internet. But it not a search engine, and does not display lists of pages based on keywords, instead it lists websites by categories. Major web directories allow website owners to submit their website for inclusion. By the inclusion, you can get backlinks to your website for search engine optimization purposes. To get best exposure, you need to submit your website to thousands of web directories.

Besides article submission, forum signature and web directories, you can obtain more backlinks and also generate more visitors by other ways such as press release, social bookmarking, exchange links and more. By doing this step, your website will become popular in major search engines, have high traffic and become as the money generator in next 6 - 12 months.

4. Sell A Website

So you have created a great website, it becomes as popular website in search engines, generates traffic and makes money monthly. And now it is time to sell your website. There are marketplaces and forums dedicated to meeting sellers and buyers for websites. These emerged as profitable online businesses that is no different to physical property and real businesses. You can sell a website for 10 - 20 times it is profit in a month. For example, your profit of your website monthly are $2,000 and you have this asset worth $20,000 to $40,000. There are good places for the selling website:, and


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